The most triumphant playoff moment for all 32 NFL teams

Posted on January 12, 2017

Last week, FOX Sports looked at the worst playoff moments for all 32 NFL teams. This week, in the interest of fairness and positivity, we identified the greatest moment for each franchise.

Dallas Cowboys — The first triplet (Super Bowl XXVII)

The Cowboys rebuild came faster than anyone thought — after going 1-15 in 1989, they surprised everyone by making the playoffs in 1991 and thus accelerated the timetable for Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and the proprietors of The White House. They didn’t disappoint, going to the Super Bowl the next year and routing the Buffalo Bills, 52-17. Dallas became the first team to ever win three Super Bowls in four years (later matched by the Patriots).

New York Giants — The (best) Catch (Super Bowl XLII)

With all due respect to Joe Montana and Dwight Clark, “The Catch” should have transferred hands when David Tyree came down with his helmet grab to help defeat the undefeated, heavily favored Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. The two forgotten memories from that game: 1) Tyree was only able to make his catch after Eli Manning deftly avoided a sure sack, and 2) It was almost all for naught as, on the last drive of the game, Tom Brady overthrew a streaking Randy Moss by about 2 yards in what would have been, given the stakes, perhaps the biggest play in the history of the NFL. As it is, Tyree’s makes the list in its place.

Philadelphia Eagles — Donovan, finally (2004 NFC championship)

Unlike in the Rocky movies, Philadelphia wouldn’t win the sequel to its first Super Bowl appearance (which came all the way back in 1980). But after three straight losses in the NFC Championship game, the Eagles rolled over Atlanta in the 2004 season to make it back to the NFL’s title game, where they lost a not-as-close-as-you-remember game to the Pats.

Washington Redskins — 70 Chip (Super Bowl XVII)

Here comes the Diesel. Fourth-and-1 on the Miami 43-yard line. Dolphins up 17-13 in front of a crowd of 103,667 at the Rose Bowl. You knew what was coming. They knew what was coming. Everybody knew what was coming — one of the most basic calls in an NFL playbook. But nobody could stop John Riggins, who took the handoff, wiggled out of the hands of Don McNeal and then outran Glenn Blackwood for what would be the game-winning touchdown. It’s still probably the most famous run in Super Bowl history.
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NBA power rankings: Cavaliers will be borderline unstoppable with Kyle Korver

Posted on January 7, 2017

The NBA Cold War is upon us. May the arms race begin.

We’ve known for most of the season that we’re just biding our time until the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors square off for the third straight time in the NBA Finals. With the Cavs set to acquire Atlanta Hawks wing Kyle Korver, that inevitability becomes even more certain (if that’s possible).

Still, we have 30 excellent teams making their way through an 82-game season for your entertainment — and I promise you, the basketball has never been better. Here are our first power rankings for 2017.

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